Musician of the Month: Andi Fins

Andi Fins is a Berlin-based producer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Originally from an isolated Bavarian village, his alternative/indie music inspired him to move to Germany´s cultural capital, where he has released three well-received albums (A Chapter Missing It’s Book, Dreamer and How Will Our Hero Get Out Of This One) and has worked with a number of acclaimed German artists like Moritz Krämer, Max Prosa, Martin Gallop, Philipp Dittberner, Anna F. and Clueso as a session & live musician and composer.

Following the launch of his third album How Will Our Hero Get Out Of This One and several successful singles like ‘Out Of Sight’ or ‘As Long As You Stay’, which gained the attention of many trendsetting radio stations, US music blogs and Spotify playlists, Andi Fins continues to let our little hero shine on his new single called ‘Stan’s Copycat’.

‘Stan’s Copycat’ is a song that tells a tale of two strangers who are trying their luck with modern love, but instead face a bout of self-reflection after an unsuccessful date. Blending light-hearted synth arpeggios with upbeat and melodious arrangement, Fins spins an uncomfortable encounter into an incredibly uplifting song. Read our review here.

His next LP is due for release in September 2019 featuring a collection of his favourite musicians, his beloved piano and stories of characters, like his ‘little hero’, dealing with the dusty glamour of modern life.

To engage with Andi Fins and enjoy more of his music, check out his Facebook.

Many thanks to our friends at Pon’t Danic Music for this biography.

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