Presley Duyck – Happy 22! (2021)

During the pandemic, we all had a flood of emotions that might have been avoided in normal times. This is something that Presley Duyck felt when her ex-boyfriend’s birthday came around. Feeling that a social media post was too shallow but a personal message seemed like she was ashamed, she wrote ‘Happy 22!’ while inundated with a sea of emotion.

Featuring Nick Lashley on guitars, the track includes subtle elements that really highlight the emotional waves she felt. Following her debut single, Duyck is reaching new heights with this track and showcasing her skills in coping with tough situations through music. This is something she has done since she started fearlessly writing her own music and unleashing her thoughts and feelings through her rather mature sound.

The acoustic guitar that opens ‘Happy 22!’ slowly leads you to the call of the electric guitar. The movement of the melody has a youthful feeling that is washed in tentative energy. The hesitancy woven into the music lightly plays against your senses while the music rolls endlessly forward. While the main line of the melody flow through you, there are additional melodic elements that pop out of the soundscape to create a delightful texture. With these elements, the music forms an engaging flow of emotions as it rises and falls with the vocals.

While the melody engages your senses and subtle tugs at your emotions, Duyck’s vocals give the real substance of the track. The lyrics bring the hesitance of the music to life as she considers how to connect with an ex on their birthday. This slides into a consideration of emotion on the chorus which is really too catchy for its own good. You are seriously going to feel the urge to sing along while turning up the volume. As you feel this urge, you are going to be swaying to the easy flow of her vocals that showcase youthful energy tempered by a great maturity in emotional understanding.

Presley Duyck has you singing along and swaying to her sound while diving into a sea of uneasy emotions in ‘Happy 22!’. The melody has a youthful energy that works perfectly with the sense of hesitation woven into it. Duyck’s vocals are an easy flow that hooks into your brain and draws you into the emotional contemplations of the single.

Find out more about Presley Duyck on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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