Prism Tats – ‘Never Been Shy’ (2016)

‘Never Been Shy’ is the third track to unveil itself in Prism Tats self-titled debut album, out on May 6th, 2016. It is a song that plays with a feel of rock and roll while still maintaining an alternative tune. Just like the rest of the album, this song is one that commands attention. It is written by an artist who knows the direction he wants his music to go in and how to get there.

After listening to the first lyric of this song, I smiled to myself because I knew it was going to be a song I would enjoy. I was right. As I continued to listen, I imagined myself dancing in a crowded mosh-pit not caring who was watching. In a way, it’s what ‘Never Be Shy’ wants you to do. Prism Tats has done an excellent job with this tune, and I feel as though he wants us to lose control and act crazy. Any song that can that make a human move their body uncontrollably is a song that needs serious attention.

There is no room for shyness in this song, just as the title suggests. The guitar and drum beat hold a commanding place in this song as it carries the lyrics and reinforces the idea of boldness and confidence. To me, this song has the potential to be successful as the tune and lyrics complement each other in a way seen as a challenge to other artists.

‘Never Be Shy’ has a very clear and straight to the point message. It is about a sense of identity and knowing who you are but not knowing where you are going. It also adopts the idea that Prism Tats is confident with his music and shows this through the exciting and daring sounds. I really enjoyed this single and hope that the rest of the album holds the same emotion while still showing signs of originality.


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