Prove You Wrong – Get Out Of My Head (2022)

Influenced by the likes of iconic hard rock artists Black Sabbath, Van Halen, AC/DC and Kiss, multi-instrumentalist Alex Munoz embraced the world of rock music at a young age. Throughout his teenage years, he was encapsulated by the power of rock and when he hit adulthood, he chose to enter the world as a musician. A self-taught guitarist, the US-based singer-songwriter performed in cover bands like Leaving Ruston; however, his desire to find his own sound took hold. Recruiting drummer Doug Feasel, the duo started Prove You Wrong.

While there are only two singles to Prove You Wrong’s discography (according to Spotify), the lads are gaining a steady following. Coverage from blogs like Roadie Music, Thoughts Words Action, Roadie Metal, Head Bangers News, and Punk Rocker, Prove You Wrong is reaching audiences across continents. The latest addition to their discography is ‘Get Out Of My Head’.

Hot on the heels of their single ‘So It Begins’, ‘Get Out Of My Head’ is a heavy, hard-hitting rock song. Similar to ‘So It Begins’, you can hear the strong Black Sabbath influence; however, Prove You Wrong adds a contemporary edginess appealing to modern-day audiences. Combining Feasel’s pounding drums and Munoz’s shredding guitar, the arrangement is mind-blowing. Hitting you in the chest from the first note, Prove You Wrong showcases the power of hard rock.

The single acts as a kaleidoscopic sonic tapestry despite using only two instruments. What I find highly intriguing is how Munoz’s soothing vocals are a charming thread in the tapestry, there is also a powerful gruffness making his tone raw and grating (in a good way).

So, what do I really think about Prove You Wrong and ‘Get Out Of My Head’ – perfect with a brutal rawness, I can’t wait to see what else these lads have up their sleeve.

For more from Prove You Wrong check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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