Pylon Heights – The Bridge (2020)

The Arizona EP by Pylon Heights had us meandering down memory lane. Now, they are taking us along a story in two halves with ‘The Bridge’. To achieve this intertwining of the soundscape, Chris and Jon each wrote part of the track on their own. This interesting approach has resulted in a single that offers two very different experiences of the world.

The single is the second instalment in their dive into synth-pop. It also continues the introduction of the third member of the band, Heather on vocals. There is also a dance remix created by Jon which has been heavily inspired by indie dance and nu-disco sounds.

‘The Bridge’ draws you in with a progressive opening with tones that pulse around your head. The build-up of the opening dips for the verses, but there is a power in the lower levels of the melody. This power keeps you aware of the potential for an explosive sound that could break at any time. The synth notes through the single create an expansive soundscape that feels like it is reaching far into the horizon. There are some interesting tones that make an appearance throughout the song that add a little something to everything.

The vocals have a wonderfully blended sound that captures the intertwining of the music perfectly. You can clearly hear each member of the band in the vocal performance, but they harmonise in an echoing manner. The echoing of the vocals complements the expansive feeling of the melody while drawing you into the lyrics. The rise and fall of the vocals propel you into the easiness of the vibe.

Pylon Heights wrap you in an expansive synth soundscape for the intertwining sounds of ‘The Bridge’. The melody has an expansive flow that you are swept into while the vocals add a hazy echoing to the soundscape.

Find out more about Pylon Heights on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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