San Francisco – (Not) Sentimental (2020)

San Francisco offers a different view of fleeting relationships with the single ‘(Not) Sentimental’. The track considers a relationship that lasts only one night and the emotions this invokes. However, instead of wishing for more time, as many songs do, Iwan Grant celebrates the relationship for what it was.

Full of guitar and modern stylings, the single is a refreshing take on an old theme. While he packs a lot of nostalgia into the music, there is a freeing celebratory tone that leaves you feeling light. Grant has been writing music for years, but only started recording during lockdown and is already captivating the ears of listeners.

‘(Not) Sentimental’ hits you with a lively melody from the first moment. The paced guitar line sends you flying only to drop for the quieter start of the verses. The melody picks up again for an upbeat vibe that has your foot tapping to the beat before you know it. The guitar riffs are larger than life, but not overpowering. There is something about the guitar lines that are captivating and you can’t help but listen to them as they filter through your ears.

The engaging melody is topped by thoughtful and refreshing lyrics. Grant’s vocals have an almost conversational tone to them which is wonderful against the backdrop of the lively melody. The chorus has a soft flow to it that you are wrapped in and sink back into. Through the lyrics, you are filled with a hint of nostalgia for the emotions the relationship created. However, this gives way to the understanding that the night was perfect as it was and more time may diminish the good.

San Francisco celebrates the power of fleeting relationships with the upbeat and refreshing sounds of ‘(Not) Sentimental’. The track has a guitar rich melody that gets your foot tapping and your mind getting down to the beats. The vocals have a conversational vibe while offering a thoughtful insight into the emotional impact of fleeting relationships.

Find out more about San Francisco on his Instagram and Spotify.

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