Qeeran – Love What I Earned (2021)

Qeeran is celebrating the triumph of winning over an intimate partner and being able to finally express his love and gratitude toward them in ‘Love What I Earned’. With a sensual RnB sound, he draws you into the ecstasy and passion of the moment. With influences ranging from Frank Ocean to Alina Baraz, he offers some insight into the emotional dimensions of his debut EP.

With a sound rooted in the pop and RnB realm, Qeeran is carving out his place in the music world. From the comfort of his suburban bedroom, he hits listeners with smooth vocals and relatable lyrics. Telling the tales of heartbreak, love, yearning and euphoria, he manifests his artistry with a seductive style.

‘Love What I Earned’ opens with Qeeran’s vocals which have a great RnB flow to them. While his voice has a tinge of electronic edging, the depth of his performance shines through. The vocals are an interesting mixture of almost sultry RnB and electronic pop. The electronic pop comes through mostly with the backing vocals and the paced tones later in the track. The seductive movement of his vocals fills you with the waves of emotion laced into the lyrics. There are moments of passion washed with the blissful ecstasy of love and gratitude.

Weaving around Qeeran’s vocals is a blended melody that brings the best of RnB and synth-pop. There are shivering pop tones that lightly touch the edges of the more RnB beats. The combination allows the vocals to really shine. There is a richness to the melody that keeps you in place while the emotions of the lyrics and vocals wash over you. Close to the end of the single, there is a change in the melody that you need to look out for that adds a new vibe to the whole song.

Qeeran fuses RnB and pop for the dynamic and melodically rich tones of ‘Love What I Earned’. His vocals have a base in RnB but are washed with the electronic edges of synth-pop. His passionate performance rests on a melodic bed of rich tones that hold you in place.

Find out more about Qeeran on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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