Raven Paradox – Canvas (2020)

Sometimes you just need to express your feelings in the best way you know how. This is what Mike Bar, the multi-instrumentalist behind Raven Paradox, has done with his single ‘Canvas’. The instrumental piece is a unique reflection of his emotions and part of a larger picture. While a simple expression of emotion, it offers a poignant and relatable soundscape.

Part of his upcoming EP, he was inspired by painters and how a canvas is only a part of the larger picture. Continuing his solo project, Bar combines different genres and styles to sonically paint the threads of feelings. He also draws on his experience as a member of various bands to create an engaging and encompassing sound.

‘Canvas’ has a very jazzy opening with some brush drum notes and light piano. New drum beats come in with a bit more hit to it while the piano remains. The almost groovy beat resting in the lower levels of the melody forms a solid foundation for the rather emotive instrumental track. The horns have a great sound to them and a vaguely sad tone that turns into something a little more upbeat as the song continues.

There are some scratchy electronic tones that come and go throughout the song. They are an interesting interjection that adds a little something to the single. The higher electronic notes that form the latter part of the melody continue the groovy jazz flow of the track. Throughout the single, you are drawn into the soundscape that is really easy to listen to and has you floating to it. Close to the end, there is a drop in the melody before it picks up again to throw you back to those horns. It is really interesting and a lot of fun to chill out to.

Raven Paradox takes you through his emotions with the jazzy and chilled sounds of ‘Canvas’. This instrumental single is a lot of fun to listen to as you sit back and relax into the horns, piano and electronic elements. There are notes that pop up to create an interesting texture to the song while the overall vibe is just so easy.

Find out more about Raven Paradox on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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