Quantum – LIVE! (2021)

Quantum had us high on willpower and their metalcore encouragement with their single ‘RISE’. With their latest single ‘LIVE!’ the band is adding a touch of pop to their sound as they bring a dancing vibe to their music. With some seriously rhythmic tones and catchy guitars, they bounce you into lyrics that make you want to sing along and forget anything anyone ever said about metal being angry and dark.

This new lighter sound is partially the result of some identity defining that the band did during the pandemic. While still intensely focused on emotions of all kinds, the band is turning their view to having faith in the world tempering it with the difficulties of finding your place in it. This single is a delightful sign of the versatility of the band that stays true to the roots that got us liking their sound in the first place.

‘LIVE!’ lightly makes its presence known with a rather gentle and almost ambient sound. This gives way to a roll of drums and crash of guitars. There is this delightful melodic movement to the instrumentation that brings an indie rock vibe to the music. As you listen, you are drawn into the really interesting arrangement on the verses that feels just a left step off-kilter. This all comes together on the chorus for a soaring rise that is utter perfection. The rise and dips of the music are masterfully handled before you are tossed into the mosh pit of metal sounds. The pace increases, your heart starts racing and you feel the urge to jump around like a mad person. The alternative rock tones of the melody combine with the metalcore foundation of the band for an irresistible melody.

Resting over the dynamic melody are the vocals that call out to you from the first word. The chanting feeling to the opening line grabs your attention before you are pulled into how everything is better when we act in a better way. The smooth rock vocals on the verses are easy to get lost in. The layered vocals of the opening come back for the chorus that has you singing along. When the melody thrusts you into the metal tones, the vocals hit out and punch through you with a furious shout that you can’t help but lend your voice to.

Quantum is showcasing a softer side to their sound with ‘LIVE!’ while filling you with hope for the future if we all stand together. The melody moves from indie rock and alternative rock tones into a thrash of metal that is unfairly addictive. The vocals match this movement from smooth and captivating movements to a shout that shakes your core and forces you to lend your voice to the call.

Find out more about Quantum on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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