Redsix – Yorkie (2021)

It has been over a year since we had a chat with Redsix about their single ‘Vessel’ and the accompanying music video. It has also been a year since the band released any music and they have taken this time to assess the state of the band and what their next move is. This move comes in the form of ‘Yorkie’, their latest single that dives into making new commitments while considering the emotional baggage and past people come with.

Inspired by an episode of a popular Netflix series, the track looks at determining what the right decisions to make are while in a relationship. This is wrapped in a new modern rock sound that is a bit heavier than what listeners might be used to. The sound evolved from experimentation over the last few years and the refocusing of the band’s vision as a whole.

‘Yorkie’ lightly reaches out to you with a rather delicate tapping touch. There is a crashing of waves through the melody that washes over the tapping tones before the music builds into a flow of rock tones. There is a gradual progression of the melody that leads you to soaring guitar lines and deep beats. While a modern indie-rock touch, there is something almost delicate to the music that creates a softness that would depress if you were to push against it. Later in the track, the pace increases and gets you really rocking out before everything dips for a soft moment for you to breathe.

The vocals call to you from the distance as they reach out over the light tones of the opening. There is a searching feeling to the vocals as they enter that gives way to a rock call. Through the vocals, the band tempers the search for a connection with an aggression that comes from the baggage we all bring with us. The lyrics take you on a journey of connection, love and affection tinged with the dark spectre of the past and the negative impact it can bring. The newer rock tone of the single is really engaging and you may find yourself turning up the volume to shout out with the band,

Redsix brings a modern indie rock sound to our ears as they consider moving forward while weighed down with emotional baggage in ‘Yorkie’. The melody reaches out to you and builds with power only to temper this with a strange delicacy. The vocals match this movement while bringing a feeling of frustration to the soundscape.

Find out more about Redsix on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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