Rafa – Fight No More (2020)

Are you looking for a single that offers a club beat infused with hip-hop and pop sensibilities with a dash of horns? Well, Rafa has just what you need with his single ‘Fight No More’. With a grooving movement, the single rallies your spirit and gets you into a good vibe. Packed full of compelling vibes, the single will have you moving to Rafa’s groove before you know what hit you.

Rafa draws on his experience producing House and adds a curious exploration of chord progressions. This combination makes the music pop in a way that lifts your spirits. With an innate sense of melody and rhythm with a splash of passion, this track is one you really need to listen to.

‘Fight No More’ has these horns that pull you in while hitting you with some groovy energy. This gives way to some smooth hip-hop beats that get your head moving to them. There are electronic tones pulsing in the lower levels of the melody. The different layers of the melody all add a little something to the single while being in fairly different styles. This blended melody is a wonder to listen to as it gets you grooving to the rhythm and inundated in the vibes of the track.

The smooth flow of the melody is made even better by Rafa’s vocals. His performance has a hip-hop flow to it, but there is this melodic vibe that grabs your senses and does not let go. You can’t stop listening to him as his voice weaves through the blended melody. The chorus is super catchy and you will want to sing along with Rafa. There is an infectious energy to the performance that makes you want to listen to this single again and again.

Rafa has you grooving to his vibe in the infectious and stylistically blended single ‘Fight No More’. The multi-layered melody grabs you from the first note and has you moving to the groove. Rafa’s vocals pump more of the good vibes into you while sending you sliding down the river of the melody.

Find out more about Rafa on his Instagram and Spotify.

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