Track of the Day: Neel Cole – Down In The Mud

Known as the “grunge rock band of Austin”, Texas-based trio Neel Cole are breaking boundaries with their genre-bending sound. Incorporating elements of country, blues and rock, Neel Cole (vocals and guitar), Kenneth Simmons (bass) and Pedro Duquense (drums) lie somewhere between Billy Ray Cyrus, Led Zeppelin and Nirvana.

Originally formed as a solo project, the band Neel Cole grew when Cole paired up with Simmons in early-2018. When drummer Duquense joined the group, the band name changed to Neel Cole & Southern St and the trio began honing a unique sound. Featured in The A&R Factory and local radio stations, Cole and his crew are aiming for international celebrity status – and I doubt it will be long before they have this success. Taken off their 2018 debut EP Down In The Mud, the title track is our Track of the Day.

Showcasing their innovativeness as a group, ‘Down In The Mud’ is a well-rounded and robust single with driving guitars, pounding drums and powerful vocals. Sonically, the guitar-driven track takes one on a musical journey beginning with a powerful opening guitar riff and ending with a simplistic vocal climax. While each of the elements have a prominent position, Cole’s vocals seem to tie them together with a soothing but soul-stirring golden thread.

What I truly enjoy about ‘Down In The Mud’ is how it pumps you up with rock/grunge guitars but uses country-esque vocals to engage the audience. The personal narrative enhances the honesty of the tale, but it is Cole’s warm and rich voice that enhances its poignancy.

For more from Neel Cole & The Southern St check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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