Tom Morris – House of Ghosts (2021)

Last year brought about uncertainty, despair and anxiety across the globe what with the pandemic and tons of other sociopolitical issues; however, it also brought about singer-songwriter, Tom Morris. A shimmering light within a pit of gloom, Morris released his debut single in July 2020. ‘The Dark Hours’ received critical acclaim as it breathed fresh air into our lungs in our darkest hour. Featured on Amazing Radio and A&R Factory, Morris is gaining global recognition for his engaging and honest sound. The latest addition to his repertoire is the single ‘House of Ghosts’.

Reminiscent of Crosby, Stills and Nash, but with a contemporary twist, Tom Morris’s sound is warm, rich and heartfelt. Upbeat and energetic, ‘House of Ghosts’ is an intertwining of dynamic guitars, steady drums and tender vocals. Acoustic-inspired, Morris showcases the impact a guitar and voice can have without too many bells and whistles; however, it also has the high-paced, enthusiastic sound adding more flavour to the arrangement. Despite the fiery guitar solos, there is an underlying softness to keep you anchored within this swirl of sound.

‘”House Of Ghosts’ is written about struggling to find the right things to say to your loved ones and finding that even with some thought, the right words are never there. It’s about trying to think before you speak.” – Tom Morris on ‘House of Ghosts’

Despite the poignant concept, Tom Morris elegantly portrays desperate confusion with a harmonic, uplifting tone. The powerful guitar may seem to take a prime position but the underlying hushed vocals are the beguiling element. Soft and tender, Morris adds a haunting quality to the track whispering a whimsical tune with melancholic meaning. Thing is, while there is a raw seriousness to the dulcet tones, the eloquent execution inserts silky robustness leaving lingering hopefulness.

For more from Tom Morris check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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