Ragsy – Under Clear Skies (2021)

If you are looking for a single that touches on the distance that sometimes exists in a loving relationship, Ragsy has what you need. With ‘Under Clear Skies’, he uses a vibrant and upbeat sound to bring the distance to life before twisting to the yearning to be with the person you love. While a potentially melancholic single, the soulful passion and movement of the track has you feeling that things will be fine.

As the second single from his upcoming album, it is a wonderful introduction to both his sound and what to expect in the future. Since appearing on The Voice UK in 2013, he was a finalist for Song for Wales 2018 and continues to work hard on his music. Through the passion and style that shines in this single, it is easy to see that he has a long career ahead of him.

‘Under Clear Skies’ pulls you in with the gentle flows of the opening. The opening has a rather expansive feeling that flows out in front of you like the long open road. This is a wonderful sonic device that bolsters the messaging of the track. You can feel the distance between you and a loved one in the melody, but this is tempered by the clear path that connects you. The melody has a layering that brings the emotions that the distance creates to melodic life.

While the melody opens the distance and touches on the emotions of the track, it is Ragsy’s vocals that bring the real emotional hit. He opens with a yearning to be with the person you love before sliding into laying out how much he cares. He then starts to take the steps he needs to in order to reach the person again while acknowledging that he made the decision to be apart. There are a lot of emotions that you go through in the single including questioning if the relationship is strong enough to withstand the distance. All of this emotion is threaded into the passionate and soulful movements of the music.

Ragsy touches on a range of emotions from longing to affection and questioning a relationships strength in ‘Under Clear Skies’. With an expansive melody that lays out the distance between lovers, the single encompasses so much that we often find hard to put into words. His vocal performance brings the emotions to life while giving you the sense that things will work out.

Find out more about Ragsy on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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