Karina Magallon – Cafecito (2021)

Describing how you feel about your partner or lover can sometimes be difficult as the emotions are hard to put into words. This is not the case for Karina Magallon with her single ‘Cafecito’. This love song likens a lover to that cup of coffee that you need first thing in the morning. Using the emotions that she connects to coffee, she unleashes feelings of love and warmth toward a lover.

The bilingual track not only expresses love for coffee and a partner, but both of the languages used. Chosen as a finalist for the Grammy U Songwriting Showcase 2021, it highlights Magallon’s charming musicality which has been honed since she was 5. The recently released music video for the single also brings the charm, warmth and affection of the track to visual life.

‘Cafecito’ has a great bop to it before the Latin-style tones take hold of you. You can’t help but smile when the melody hits you with the shuffling movements. The clicking tones may have you clicking along with them as you are filled with the bright energy of the track. There is an unbelievable lightness in this single that lifts your spirits. The melody has a really charming vibe that makes you want to sit back and sink into the almost whimsical feeling it brings.

The Latin vibe of the melody is bolstered by the Spanish vocals on the verses. While you might not pick up the nuances of the Spanish verses if you don’t understand the language, Magallon’s delivery more than makes up for it. The brightness of her voice and the uplifting flow of her performance fills you with the happiness and love of the track. The English chorus flows so wonderfully from the Spanish verses and hits you with the emotions you pick up in the performance of the verse. The later English verses cement the affection of the track.

Karina Magallon has you smiling and feeling the love with her bilingual single ‘Cafecito’. The easy Latin melody has a loving warmth that feeds an ember of happiness in your chest. While you might not understand all the lyrics, the vocal performance makes up for this with the sheer affection infused into each word.

Find out more about Karina Magallon on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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