Prana Voice – Awake (2022)

Music is something that can highlight the problems in the world and heal the fractures in our souls. Prana Voice is taking the healing powers of music to another level with his debut single ‘Awake’. Drawing on the ancient traditions of the Essenes and Essenian Healing, the frequencies and instrumentation of the track clear out the cobwebs and reconnect us to our inner intuition.

The healing vibrations that resonate through the vocals and music lull you into a meditative state where you can recharge and heal. This healing touch comes from Antonello Brunetti, a folk-rock singer-songwriter who is taking a somewhat different approach to music with this new project. Recorded in his home studio, he plays all the instruments on the track and unleashes his therapeutic energy healing on all of us.

‘Awake’ opens with an easy flow that instantly lifts weight off your chest. You really just want to close your eyes and listen to the gentle movement of the single as your worries fly away. From the very first moment, the healing energy of the track starts to work its way into your veins and send negative darkness running. The acoustic guitar lightly strums and vibrates into the chirping of birds, that reminds you of early mornings as you watch the sunrise. It is almost impossible to listen to the melody of this single and not feel the healing energy or feel your muscles start to relax. While the single is eight minutes long, the peace you are able to achieve makes it seem much shorter.

The healing vibrations are not limited to the music even though the lulling sway of the melody is the cornerstone of the track. The vocals call out to a higher sense inside you as they lift you from the stresses of the world. You can feel their gentle light shining through you and cleaning out the negativity, leaving only peace and tranquillity. The golden light of the vocals rises through your senses, helping you reconnect with parts of your psyche you never knew were disconnected. This is the perfect single to meditate to or to play when you need a moment to decompress from the grind of modern life.

Prana Voice fills you with peace and tranquillity as you decompress to the healing energy and meditative movements of ‘Awake’. The golden energy of the vocals meets the gentle release of the music to fill you with peace. There is no way to listen to this track and not feel calmer and revived after.

Find out more about Prana Voice on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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