Alpha Cat – Thatched Roof Glass House (2020)

Elizabeth McCullough is the voice and music behind Alpha Cat. She has been making and releasing music since 1999 when her EP Real Boy came out. Since then, she has been through some tumbles in life where she was unable to complete her 2005 record. In 2019, she made her comeback with the LP Thatched Roof Glass House.

The title single from the LP is now out for everyone to hear. The track was written years ago, but the true meaning only hit her when she decided to release it. The song is full of introspection as it looks at how we all project our faults onto others instead of taking the time to look at ourselves.

‘Thatched Roof Glass House’ captures you with a great drum beat that drives you throughout the song. The melody is catchy and makes you move to the rhythm, whether you want to or not. It creates the ideal foundation for the McCullough’s vocals.

Her vocals are fun and easy to listen to. The harmonisations on the track are subtle while pushing the lyrics through. The lyrics to this track are an interesting play of imagery. They are also very easy to get into and start to sing as you listen to the song.

Alpha Cat gets you moving to the beat of the imagery heavy ‘Thatched Roof Glass House’. The track is fun and upbeat with lyrics that make you pause and think. The song is a wonderful introduction to her new LP and her great back catalogue.

Find out more about Alpha Cat on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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