Raymond Revel – Rolling Green Hills (2020)

Raymond Revel first captivated us with his single ‘Curious Man’ which showcased his raw and authentic sound. In his latest single ‘Rolling Green Hills’ he retains the core of his sound but is pushing the boundaries. Pushing Celtic music to the fore, the single tells the tale of a man in love with the rolling green hills (exact place unknown). His mixture of Celtic instrumentation and nostalgic vibes is sure to make you long for the hills or at least head to your local Irish pub.

If you have never been into Celtic music, this is a great introduction. A jovial jig, it highlights what Celtic instruments are capable of with a pop twist to make it easier for people not familiar with the sound to get into the groove. The blend of different styles works wonderfully with Revel’s storytelling lyricism.

‘Rolling Green Hills’ hits you with the Celtic vibe from the start and has you thinking about the hills of Ireland or Scotland. As the Celtic instruments give way to a guitar for the first verse, the melody retains the essence of a Celtic jig. The melody is so engaging with the movement through slight pop tones with a core of Celtic notes. The highlights are the Celtic instruments that you very rarely get to hear in songs from bagpipes to Irish whistles and dulcimers.

While you are transported to the Celtic countryside by the melody, Revel’s vocals are what really make you fall in love with the scenery. His performance holds all the authenticity that usually draws you to his music. The lyrics tell the story and set the scene of the countryside in a way that makes you want to be there. As the song progresses, there is this power in his performance that sweeps you away like the rolling mists of the mountains.

Using Celtic instrumentation and nostalgic reminiscing, Raymond Revel makes you fall in love with the ‘Rolling Green Hills’. This jovial single makes you smile and want to head out into the countryside to enjoy the beauty on offer. It is also a great introduction to Celtic instruments using a pop twist to make it easier for those new to this genre.

Find out more about Raymond Revel on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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