Nick Howe – Give Me A Reason (2020)

The process of getting away from an unhealthy relationship can be difficult and full of frustration. These emotions are the basis of Nick Howe’s new single ‘Give Me a Reason’. It also looks at knowing that the situation is bad for you even if it feels good and needing a reason to get out. This heavy topic is tackled with a quirky vibe and the emotional soundscapes Howe has become known for.

Howe’s ability to pair relatable lyrics with his stirring soundscapes makes it easier to connect with his music. It has also led him to co-write music with Billy Lockett and Iain Archer. His ingenuity with music goes far beyond his sound as he gathered 35 professional dancers worldwide for a music video of his single ‘It Belongs to Her’.

‘Give Me a Reason’ opens with humming and this plucky guitar rhythm. The shuffling melody is very different and not what you are expecting based on the message of the track. This melody does give way to something a bit more driving on the chorus. There is a lot going on in the melody of this song as you listen. There is clapping, smooth guitar lines, humming, shuffling and scratching sounds among others. Strangely, all of these elements combine for a quirky vibe that really works with the lyrics.

Howe’s vocals enter over this melody smoothly to draw you into the lyrics. His performance hooks you into the story from the first words. He works through a moment of clarity knowing that the relationship is not good for you before moving to the chorus where he is looking for a reason to leave. As the song progresses and the melody takes on a more layered sound, his performance is full of conflicting emotions. He is imploring while being resigned and there is a sense of tiredness as well.

Nick Howe takes you on a quirky journey to find a reason to get out of a toxic relationship in ‘Give Me a Reason’. The multi-layered melody has a lot going on, but it does not detract from the clarity and emotions of Howe’s vocal performance. The lyrics are relatable and you can’t help but get into the chorus or the humming.

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