Remy Quinn & Haley Warner – Make U Happy (2021)

Feeling like you cannot make a loved one happy is something that most people have felt at some time. Remy Quinn and Haley Warner have taken how Warner experienced this and turned it into their single ‘Make U Happy’. Drawing on her feeling of being tired of not being enough, they wrote this song.

With Warner on vocals and Quinn on production, they wrap their musical styles around each other for an engaging sound. After meeting while students at Northwestern University, they started making music together in the past year. Recorded in Quinn’s dorm room, they wrote the track when feeling angry and worked with Matt Anthony for mixing and mastering.

The melody of ‘Make U Happy’ is a wonderful mixture of pounding beats and warbling synths. The combination of melodic lines makes you want to move to the beats while sliding along the synths. There is a richness to the music that is seductive and effortlessly pulls you into the single. Later in the single, clicking tones make an appearance that adds a new texture to the song. The pulses of the music bolsters the emotions of the track from the frustration of feeling you are not enough to the confrontation with the person you want to make happy.

Warner’s vocals are a higher tone that dances over the depths of the melody. Her performance has a bouncing touch at times that makes you want to move even more to the single. The chorus is really catchy and you might find that you want to sing along. There is a slight harmonising in the vocals that creates an interesting movement. There are also times when the vocals dip for a deep electronic edge that brings the darker emotions of the track to the fore.

Remy Quinn and Haley Warner use contrasting melodic elements and lightly bouncing vocals to draw you into ‘Make U Happy’. Through the single, they confront feeling that you are not enough for someone with the controlled frustration and anger most people are acquainted with. This is bolstered by the melody that has a great depth of sound.

Find out more about Remy Quinn his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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