KIA – Put Your Body On Me (2021)

When you have an artist name that matches that of a big company or product, things can go two ways for you. Either you go to the top or potential fans just may go the other way. This is the situation Dutch and Indonesian ‘soulwriter’ (as she calls herself) KIA finds herself. There are potential fans out there, who drives one of those omnipresent Korean cars and will take a listen no matter what. But then, there are those who will simply try to listen to something else. So what can really help you in such a situation? Actually, there is only one possible solution there. Come up with some excellent music. Single, singles, album, whatever.

KIA has written and recorded for several productions like the soundtrack of Netflix’s animation movie Fearless, G’Day production Honoring Liam Hemsworth and Helen Reddy and Standing Together, series The Madam$ and The Walkers, movie Help! I Shrunk My Friends and the upcoming movie Manifest. Last year she received the NAMM President’s Innovation Award as well as the Ultimate Music Awards ‘Best Single of the Year – Pop’ and ‘Best Female Artist of the Year’. She was a top finalist in the IMSTA Songwriting Competition, the UK Songwriting Competition, and the International Songwriting Competition (ISC).

As far as Lost Angeles-based KIA is concerned, by calling herself a ‘soulwriter’ she doesn’t make it much easier for herself. But it certainly seems she’s on the right track and ‘Put Your Body On Me,’ her latest single, goes on to prove it.

For its part, ‘Put Your Body On Me’ really impresses. It immediately becomes obvious that when mentioning ’soulwriter’ KIA didn’t just have “good old soul” in mind, even though you can feel that element throughout the song. The horn arrangement clinches that part. Actually, KIA combines the soul part with some equally soulful vocals touches of funk and jazz to finally turn the song into a full salsa swing that could bring almost anybody to the dance floor.

KIA mentions that ‘Put Your Body On Me’ is the second in her latest series of three singles. If the other two are as good as this one, they are certainly worth the investigation. Who knows, they actually might get her an official endorsement from that big auto company. She deserves it.

For more from KIA check out her official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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