The Longing – Torture (2021)

Co-dependency is something that many people slip into without realising it only to get lost in the horror and helplessness of this. Within the delicate confines of ‘Torture’, The Longing strike a powerful nerve while touching on co-dependency in relationships. A track that hits very differently after lockdown and what it has done in terms of domestic violence, the drama of the lyrics unfolds through beautiful gothic tones.

The single continues the compelling and gorgeous eerie gothic tones that the band is becoming known for. Formed by Laura Bradley, the four-piece band transcends genres and harnesses the musical power of each member. Bradley (vocals, keys), John Huldt (guitars), Michael Wallace (bass, vocals) and Tom Plumb (drums) are all formally trained and seasoned musicians who pool their talents for a truly spectacular listening experience.

‘Torture’ grabs your attention with a flair of drama through the piano line. From the depths of the soundscape a gothic sweep breathes against the delicate tones. The melody builds up like a storm rolling in from the ocean with dark clouds and the electric hint of lightning. This all drops back for that piano line to shine again. When the guitars come in they blast through your soul and send you soaring on a touch of melodic metal. In the low levels of the melody, there is a heavy metal feeling that is met with equal passion by a beautiful gothic drape of instrumentation. The melody is a perfect combination of these tones.

As your senses are captured by the melody, Bradley’s vocals are a powerful performance that shines against the music. From a delicate waltz of vocals to a powerhouse call against the guitars, she rushes through your veins and enhances the movements of the music. There are pained cries of torture that wretch your emotions and knot your throat. Her performance is a true masterclass in passionate and controlled performances.

The Longing captures you in a storm of passion, gothic beauty and metal guitars in the dramatic flairs of ‘Torture’. There is a lot going on in the single and every element is captivating and executed with a pleasurable precision. You can easily get lost in this track and listen to it on repeat without ever tiring of it.

Find out more about The Longing on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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