Yard Of Blondes – Do You Need More (2020)

Yard Of Blondes is an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, USA. They consist of Vincent Jacob (lead vocals), Fanny (bass), Burak Yerebakan (guitar) and Forrest Mitchell (drums). Influences include Sonic Youth, the Pixies and the Smashing Pumpkins.

The track starts with great guitar riffs and drum beat, then the vocals kick in and are amazing. Jacob sings about someone who he thinks is all he had and he says they push the love away. He sings about how the person is insecure and how he gave them all he had and do they really need more from him. It’s extremely heartfelt and it really makes you want them to find some common ground.

The backing vocals are amazing, the chorus is very catchy, the bass line is heavy and drumbeat throughout the song is amazing. Scorching guitar riffs and very heavy rock sound; it’s definitely worth a listen if you’re a big rock fan.

For more from Yard of Blondes, check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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