Render Ghosts – Eye Rhyme (2021)

The digital world has changed how we live our lives and interact with each other. This is something that Render Ghosts have picked up on for their debut single ‘Eye Rhyme’. Using lyrics that map out the disorientation of digital human relationships, the synth washed soundscape locks into the pop sensibilities of this new band.

While the single plunges listeners into the thoughts of the lyrics, the melodics combines the experience and skills of three musicians used to making very different music. Tamara van Esch, Tom Wilson and Iain Chambers bring their classical training, sound artistry and singer-songwriter experiences together for a unique sound. Taking sonic possibilities into the digital age, they offer something delightfully new that is still steeped in musical traditions.

‘Eye Rhyme’ pulses with engaging synth tones from the first second. The beats have you bopping to the tone while the synths warble along the soundscape. The keys are delicate as they bring a touch of classic tones to the music that merges beautifully with the electronic elements. The melody is light and bright as it draws you into the pastel colours of the sound. The rather light and upbeat feeling that rides along the music is a little at odds with the vocals at times but this contrast adds to the overall feeling of the single. It creates the disorientation of digital life as you feel everything is going well on the surface by there is something off lower down.

As you are drawn into the lightness of the melody, Esch’s vocals add to the bright feeling. Her voice is delicate as it dances across the synth tones like a fairy leaping along rays of light. This movement makes the serious questions in the lyrics more powerful as they come through in this delicate way. Through the lyrics, the single questions the connections we forge in the digital world and whether they are as genuine as we think they are. The lightness of the track belies the seriousness of the lyrics and the contrast showcases the prowess of the band.

Render Ghosts fill your senses with light pulsing electronic tones and delicate vocals that carry a serious question in ‘Eye Rhyme’. The bright energy of the music has you bopping along to the synths laced with a classic key tone. The vocals are equally bright while bringing the serious points across in the lyrics.

Find out more about Render Ghosts on their website, Instagram and Spotify.

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