Restless Youth – Man on Call Lane: You’re Not Alone Pt 2 (2020)

Restless Youth is a youthful and unique band formed by an assortment of quirky students from Leeds. The band, consisting of Theo Wakeling, Devon Rampere, Jude Austin, Jasmine Wembankoy and Cameron Phillips, aims to tell meaningful stories of modern life. This is done using their own infectious style.

Their two-part series ‘You’re Not Alone’ celebrates human connection in difficult times. The second part of the series ‘Man on Call Lane’ tells a story that takes place on Call Lane in Leeds. The track draws on the band’s array of styles to create a spicy but catchy tune.

‘Man on Call Lane’ has a smooth horn opening that leads to the spoken lyrics of the song. The pace of the song picks up in a very groovy chorus that gets your head moving. The movement between spoken word and neo-soul adds a great dimension to the track.

The lyrics at the start of the song sets the scene of walking down Call Lane and the people you see. This builds into a connection with the people we see every day, but never really register. The song creates an amazing sense of camaraderie between the singers, listener and characters in the song.

Restless Youth is able to combine a diverse array of musical styles to create the story of ‘Man on Call Lane’. The track is an interesting mixture of spoken word setting the scene and groovy neo-soul tones.

Find out more about Restless Youth on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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