The Pink Flamingos – I Was (2019)

The Pink Flamingos is a new band formed by Beau Halford (vocals, songwriter) on a night out where he met Will Looms (guitar). After their first meeting, Ash Brandon (bass), Nick Cowan (keys) and May Lascelles (drums) were brought into the project. Since coming together, the band has been creating music and releasing tracks.

The music the band creates is full of emotion and high energy. It talks about the ups and downs of life and death. Their track ‘I Was’ continues this with a message that is always relevant to modern life. The song ponders the easy task of overthinking and letting go of negative thoughts.

‘I Was’ wastes no time getting started with Halford’s vocals laying out every thought that causes people to overthink. The track has a great rhythm that makes your body move without you consciously thinking about it. Throughout the song, there is an interesting use of instruments coming in and out to enhance the melody.

Lyrically, The Pink Flamingos are able to get a lot into the song. The lyrics are very easy to connect to while portraying the fairly heavy message of the song. The tale you are taken on in the song leaves you feeling positive at the end and knowing that you can let go of those negative thoughts that clog your mind.

‘I Was’ carries a message that always seems to be relevant and is portrayed by The Pink Flamingos in a feel-good way. The track is able to highlight how we all overthink things but leaves you feeling positive and inspired at the end. It is a funky song that is easy to listen to at any time.

Find out more about The Pink Flamingos on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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