Wham Bam! – Outlaw Love (2021)

There are a lot of people who wear masks to change their social identity to fit into different situations. Wham Bam! has picked up on this and consider how we hide ourselves like bandits making it difficult for others to know who the real person is behind the mask. With their usual flair of old school grunge and rock mixed with some modern pop sensibilities, they take on the modern world and how we all deal with it.

Using a banging groove, Nico Tourelle and Gideon Kretschmer continue their melting pot sound which they have been honing since the mid-90s. Adding a sprinkle of spicy lyrics, Ramon Rabie joins the dup now and then to add a little extra punch to the sound. With music that certainly lives up to the band’s name, they sneak into your brain and will not shift.

‘Outlaw Love’ has you grooving to the rhythm from the first guitar note. There is a vibrating line that comes from the guitar and makes its way through your chest. This is only the tip of the grooving iceberg as the melody sinks its talons into your brain and has you bopping and tapping to the rhythm. You can’t help but get caught up in the melodic movement of the track and start to get down to the rock tones. While the melody has a heavy rock influence, there are warbling electronic tones that softens the soundscape while bolstering the vocals.

The groovy vibes of the track do not end with the melody as the vocals are as moving and captivating as the music. The vocals seem to hover over the moving melody and wrap around you like ropes that you cannot escape. The lyrics use a storytelling vibe to bring the idea of masks and disguising ourselves to life. This is particularly clear in the chorus that makes you want to sing along while turning the volume up.

Wham Bam! continues to fill your senses with groovy tones as they tackle the masks we all wear in social situations with ‘Outlaw Love’. From the first moment, you are swept up in the groovy tones of the band. The vocals tie you up in ropes of sound as they make you want to sing along with the chorus.

Find out more about Wham Bam! on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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