Rhona MacFarlane – Better When You’re Around (2021)

Even when you are in the worst of situations, being around the right people can make all the difference. This is what Rhona MacFarlane is reminding us about in her aptly titled single ‘Better When You’re Around’. The track recognises the importance of the right people to finding inner happiness while offering a stark reminder of what is really important in life.

Her honest sound and intimate style drive the messaging of the single home through her acoustic folk tones. An accomplished musician, MacFarlane graduated from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and is perfectly at ease on the piano, guitar and violin. This ease shines through in her music which feels as effortless as it is touching. Continuing to show why she already has a wide fanbase, this track will have you eager to hear more.

‘Better When You’re Around’ strums into your ears with a gentle folk feeling. The steady movement of the guitar line meets a deep bass twang that brings texture to the melody. Together, they form an almost reflective feeling that rises for a movement that puts a smile on your face. You can’t help but feel lighter as you listen to the music. The instrumentation comes together wonderfully moving from guitar-driven to a playful piano line laughing lightly in your ear. The music makes you really appreciate the beauty in life while embracing you in a cotton-soft hug.

As the music rolls through you with light energy, MacFarlane’s vocals give the warmth and affection direction. Her voice is like a ray of sunlight reaching through the clouds and lighting the world with a gentle glow. The lyrics play out a story against your eyelids while rising on the warm air of love and affection. As she fills you with happiness and good vibes, she also has you appreciating those around you. This is particularly clear in the chorus where she admits to feeling better when a loved one is around. Her performance makes you want to find your own loved ones who make everything better and just soak up their presence.

Rhona MacFarlane puts a smile on your face while filling you with good vibes and the urge to embrace your loved ones with ‘Better When You’re Around’. The folky movement of the melody is soft and fills you with embers of affection. Her vocals direction this warmth and have you appreciating the people who make life easier.

Find out more about Rhona MacFarlane on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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