ANiQO – Deep Sea Fish (2021)

As we journey through life, we are constantly facing new perspectives that lead us to new experiences and understandings. This is something that dark-pop artist ANiQO has come to realise and turned into her single ‘Deep Sea Fish’. A rather philosophical track, this single dives deep to help you soar on the wings of understanding.

As the second release from her upcoming album Birth, it continues her contrasting of extremes. Using her sound that swings from wild to dreamy and loud to quiet, she pushes the boundaries of musical innovation. Since recording her first songs in 2017, she has steadily been gaining a following across the world. With this track, she really shows why this is the case.

The light acoustic guitar that opens ‘Deep Sea Fish’ gently pulls you into the soundscape. While light, there is a depth to the guitar line that is enhanced by the tones swirling in the lower levels. These tones breathe in the background and push against the boundary created by the guitar. As the piano line takes over the deep tones take a lighter turn as they move toward the light. Through the melody, you are drawn into an introduction of new perspectives and the changes this can make to your views. It is an unbelievably poignant melody that sweeps through you.

As the melody creates a change of perspective, ANiQO’s vocals offer the philosophical direction of the track. Her vocals draw you into the depths of the track with a quiet line that truly mesmerises. Her performance is powerful as it hits you in the chest with the depths of the lyrics and rising tone. Through the dark-pop flow of her sound, you soar on the wings of her innovative musicality. The masterful and artful arrangement of the vocals moves through floating dreams to a waking understanding. It is an amazing single that really has you thinking about changes in perspectives and how we often sink into our views.

ANiQO masterfully wraps you in her dark-pop style for a poignant consideration of perspectives that mesmerise from start to finish in ‘Deep Sea Fish’. There is a beautiful depth to the single that has been artfully arranged to enthral through the movement of the melody and vocals. Her voice calls to you from the depths of the ocean and swirls in an understanding of your own perspective while the music gently turns your head to new views.

Find out more about ANiQO on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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