POP TRASH INC – I Don’t Wanna Be Here (2021)

Get ready to be filled with electronic pop energy through ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Here’. The single from Dutch indie pop band, POP TRASH INC, is packed with upbeat vibes and energetic tones. Bringing dance movements to their indie-pop sound, they sprinkle some futuristic moments over everything to keep you guessing while your body is moving.

While the band gets you moving to their rhythm, they also get you hooked to their unique visuals with the official music video. Released alongside their second album, the single continues the unique pop path the band has forged. Bringing elements of sub-genres of pop together with funk and rock, they fill your ears with a sound that is delightfully new.

‘I Don’t Wanna Be Here’ pulses to life with electronic tones that spark through your senses like blinking lights. Beneath them are some really funky tones that warble and vibrate through your chest. It is a melody that has been masterfully crafted to get you moving in one way or another. The pulsing tones lead to a rise for the chorus that brings a richer sound to the single. The depths of the music increases before the deep beats push you out of the chorus and back into those groovy pop tones. At times, there are hazy edges that soften the higher levels of the music creating further textures to the song.

While you are moving to the music, the vocals slink into your ears. There is a smooth movement to the performance through the opening verse that rises and soars on the chorus. The infectious movement of the melody is countered wonderfully by the melodic flow of the vocals. The vocals wrap around you like satin ribbons that slide silkily against your skin. While a touch more melodic than the music, the vocals bolster the overall dance movement of the single. It is a very interesting combination of tones that steadily increases the urge to bounce around to the single.

POP TRASH INC has you moving to their infectious funky tone, while melodic vocals slide like silk across your skin in ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Here’. The music is a wonderful mixture of funky undertones and bright electronic pulses. The vocals are smooth as they slide against your senses.

Find out more about POP TRASH INC on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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