RHYME– BE (2021)

A lot of people are searching for a sense of belonging whether within society as a whole or a smaller group. This is what the aptly named ‘BE’ by EHYME is primarily about. Set to a fight against reptilian overloads and being sacrificed by a lizard band, the track looks at something very real that most people can relate to. Using exemplary storytelling, RHYME has you connecting with the tale wherever you are.

Drawing on a range of influences from literature to poetry and music, RHYME explores unique worlds through her sound with the help of Alvin Anthony (NYC) for this single. Taking you on the journey with her, she has you riding some psychedelic waves before throwing you into a sea of J-pop and experimental tones. While the music gets you lost in the story, the artwork by Ben Lam (BLAM), a talented Malaysian animator and artist based in Los Angeles enhances the journey. If you are looking for something that is lyrically and sonically different from what you have been listening to, this is the track to try.

‘BE’ pulls you in with thrumming tones and deep pulsing beats. There is a heavy feeling to the bassline that thrums through your chest while the lighter electronic tones creep along it. The melody has a really interesting feeling to it as more and more electronic elements come in and zip past your head. Halfway through the track, there is a dip in the melody before it comes back with a vengeance. Through the electronic elements, you get a futuristic feeling to the music that leaves the Earth’s atmosphere through its movement.

RHYME’s vocals are an ethereal layer over the textured melody. At times, her vocals are breathy and soft like mist. This turns into a more powerful line that draws you into the story of the lyrics. The high notes send shivers through you while the Japanese calls add a little something extra. As with the melody, the vocals take a layered approach but bring you down to Earth instead of sending you flying into space.

RHYME brings a range of influences and styles together for her single ‘BE’. With a heavy bassline and eclectic electronic tones zipping past your head, she sends you flying into outer space. Her vocals offer a grounding against the propulsion of the music while the lyrics tell an interesting tale.

Find out more about RHYME and her lizard band on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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