Rich Chambers – I’m So Tired (2021)

After bringing us a rock-inspired Christmas song (read our review here), Rich Chambers shows he is not afraid to embrace a joyful innocence in his music and explore the darker side of modern society. With experience as a solo artist and part of a band (Half-Hour Late), Chambers has gained a reputation for moving melodies and engaging lyricism. Proffering several critically acclaimed albums over the past decade, the Vancouver-based singer-songwriter has captured the attention of the globe with a strong following. The latest addition to his popular discography is the single ‘I’m So Tired’.

Just under three minutes in length, Rich Chambers takes on the emotional consequences of living is such an uncertain society. Not only discussing the frustration and anxiety triggered by global lockdowns, but also the sociopolitical events forcing one to experience overwhelming emotions. Noting the song was only to be released later this year, Chambers decided ‘I’m So Tired’ would be well-suited to highlight current political happenings and the emotive effects felt by everyone nowadays; thus, he released the track sooner.

“I didn’t intend for this song to be so political, but as I watched what was unfolding in Washington I suddenly realised that ‘I’m So Tired’, which I had just written and recorded days before, seemed to be not only exactly how I was feeling but how everyone was feeling.” – Rich Chambers on ‘I’m So Tired’

High-powered from the first outset, ‘I’m So Tired’ is a guitar-driven blast of 60s-esque rock and roll. While the repeated lyrics, “I’m so tired” are notable from beginning to end – highlighting one’s emotional fatigue and “must I?” mindset; Chambers adds energetic guitar riffs to showcase frustration and anger resulting in an interesting juxtaposition of fiery melodies over despondent lyricism. It is this innovativeness that adequately defines the confusing inner-turmoil most are feeling. We want to move, but how and do we really want to?

In addition to his forceful track, Chambers released a compelling and thought-provoking video showcasing a desperate message of hate. Yet, while this is a visual representation of aggression, hate and fear, there is an underlying hopefulness to turn things around in the future. You can view the video below.

For more from Rich Chambers, check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Spotify.

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