Downhill – Mode (2021)

Retro synth tones and an ambient atmosphere filled ‘Spring’ as it brought the newness of the season. Now, Downhill is continuing his ‘12 in 21’ project with ‘Mode’ which was inspired by an exploration of the North Cornwall landscape. While out exploring, he took photos and notes as he allowed his thoughts to drift before heading to the studio to put everything into this electronic track.

While not everything from his exploration made it into the single, there is a swirl of myths and legends that makes its way into the dark wave sound. Bringing an experimental edge to proceedings, Downhill captures the imagination and has you feeling the landscape even if you have never been there. Continuing the retro synth vibes of the last tracks, he crafts them into something completely new.

‘Mode’ shimmers and hums to life with an engaging mix of bouncing beats and ambient haze. The two layers work really well together as they have you rolling down the soundscape while riding along a delicate rainbow bridge. When the pulsing synths make an appearance they bring a dark wave dance vibe with them that has you bopping down the soundscape. There are a lot of parts to this melody that come in at their own pace while ringing new emotions and feelings to the track.

The lighter tone that rides over the pulsing synths has a delicate sense of wonder to it like the feeling of seeing a breath taking landscape for the first time. This drops for the pulsing synths to return and get you bopping to them all over again. It is almost like this synth line is trying to talk to you. All the lines enter later in the track to form a colourful river of synths that you are swept into. There is a building feel to the track in the latter parts that has you rising into the air only to be caught by that ambient tone from the opening. It is wonderful how the single comes full circle to take you back to the softness of the opening.

Downhill has you riding a river of synths that takes you on a journey down a rainbow bridge of pulsing dance and dark wave energy in ‘Mode’. Each layer of synths brings a unique edge to the track while enhancing the feelings. From wonder to peaceful flows, the synths fill your senses with what Downhill felt as he explored the North Cornwall landscape.

Find out more about Downhill on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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