Rival Karma – Honey! (2021)

Rival Karma are bringing out the contrasts with their punchy single ‘Honey!’. With a melody that features bold instrumentation and upbeat vibes, they tackle some rather sombre topics. As the irresistible music lifts you up, the lyrics weave a tale of regret about not speaking up regarding the way you really feel.

This world of sonic contrasts comes from Martin Roux (vocals, guitar) and Piergiorgio ‘PJ’ Ciarla (drums). While the band started out in 2018 as a four-piece, two members left leaving the duo as it is today. Since then, the duo has toured parts of Europe and the west coast USA while releasing their debut EP to wide acclaim. With a dynamic sound that weaves its way into your senses, they look set to capture the ears and hearts of many listeners.

‘Honey!’ hooks you with the pulsing of the guitar in the opening. There is a punchy upbeat feeling to the melody that gets your foot tapping and your head moving to the sound. It is a really infectious melody that brings the vibrancy of the band to your ears. There is a feeling of building through the music that leads you into the chorus that bursts with lights. Every note is a bast of rock sensibilities with riffs that soar through you and effortlessly pull you into the journey of the track.

As you are hit by the rock tones of the melody, the vocals slink around you with a light growl. The upbeat vibes of the music come through in the vocal performance creating a delightful counter to the lyrics. The lyrics are packed with longing, regret and disbelief as they delve into everything unsaid in a relationship. The vocals on the chorus are incredibly catchy and will have you shouting out with them. The punch of the music allows the vibes of the track to rise above everything else and take you with it.

Rival Karma contrasts a punchy, upbeat melody with lyrics full of regret and longing in the irresistible ‘Honey!’. The single is incredibly engaging getting you hooked to the band’s sound from the first note. As the melody lifts you onto a wave of rock goodness, the vocals lightly growl and make you want to sing along.

Find out more about Rival Karma on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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