J0VANNA – TwentyOne (2021)

With her debut single ‘Brain on Fire’, J0VANNA used raw lyrics and powerful music to help listeners heal. With her second release ‘TwentyOne’, she brings a retro pop tone to our ears as she connects with anyone who is not ready for the next chapter in their life. Packed with an energetic vibe, the single draws on the uncertainty she felt when faced with the next steps in adult life.

Written on her 21st birthday, the song captures the way most people still feel too young to take on the challenges that they face. Channelling our inner children, the track helps you capture that energy while acknowledging the unwillingness many have to move on to the next chapter of life. While touching on not wanting to move forward, J0VANNA tempers this with the knowledge that this is only delaying the next steps.

‘TwentyOne’ ticks open before warping into some light retro synth tones. There is a deep beat that pulses through your chest while the synths jump off it. The light keys lap in the higher levels of the track adding a glitter youthful feeling to the single. The music is an interesting mixture of pure pop sensibilities and the washing softness of dream-pop. Through all of this, that deep beat keeps pulling your forward through the soundscape. There is a slight party vibe to the music that makes you think of a night out or a party with friends.

J0VANNA’s vocals bring a smooth slide of RnB to the track that merges perfectly with the pop sound of the music. While the music is upbeat and lively, the vocals have a slightly sombre feeling. The relatable uncertainty that is woven into her performance is amazing. This intertwines with the reluctance of wanting to move on from twenty and accept the responsibilities that come with ageing. It is a really engaging track that perfectly captures a moment of unease that many have gone through.

J0VANNA fills you with smooth pop sensibilities wrapped around RnB vocals that delve into not wanting to become an adult in ‘TwentyOne’. The party vibe of the melody brings a youthful edge to the track while her vocals wash over you with the unease of the responsibilities that are coming. A delightfully authentic single, it is one that so many will be able to relate to.

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