Robbie Vonn – Hopeless Memories (2021)

Robbie Vonn brings a lot of emotion to his music and this is clearly felt through the tracks of his EP Hopeless Memories. The three tracks of the EP bring profound and often wistful reflections about loneliness and unfairness shimmering with delicate melancholy. Riding through life experiences, the innovative and evocative tones of the EP sweep through you while showcasing the simple elegance of his music.

While the EP takes us through a range of emotions, it also traverses different sonic textures from dreamy pop to lashing experimental before rising on cinematic wings. As a debut EP, it is rather epic and is sure to cement Vonn’s place as one of the artists to watch in the coming years.

The EP opens with the melancholic tones of ‘Glowing Butterfly’. The light run of tones are delicate as they bring a touch of whimsy to the soundscape but resting beneath them is something darker. It is the interplay between these elements that brings the melancholic emotion of the track. The vocals are provided by Juliet Lyons throughout the EP and add an elven touch to the track. Her voice has such amazing clarity that it shines in the dark while twinkling the emotions of the track into life. As the song progresses, her vocals gain power as the piano line bolster the movement of her performance. It is an amazing opening to the track as it flows from delicate to cinematic and ruses through you with powerful beauty.

‘If I’ has a sadder feeling to it while retaining the cinematic feeling which turns into a rather theatrical vibe. Through the lyrics, the track brings a reflection on loneliness tinged with bittersweet emotion. Lyons’ vocals are so emotive as she reaches into your chest and tugs at your heart to fill you with the sadness she effortlessly infuses onto each word. The orchestral tones of the melody add to the sad emotions as they mournfully call through the low levels. The delicate touch of the piano is like a single tear running down your face before it swirls into a lonely waltz. The orchestral interlude is stunning and enhances the emotions of the track to fill you to the brim with the emotions of the track.

The EP comes to a close with ‘Sundown’ and its slightly more futuristic vibe. The piano in the opening leads you to blinking electronic tones like you are marching into a robotic future. Against this backdrop, the vocals bring a yearning for connection in a world of isolation. While the lyrics are a conceptualisation of a lone figure crossing the sands of Mars, there is something deeply relatable woven into them. The heartrending warble of the strings in the low levels reaches into your chest and squeezes. Lyons’ vocals continue their clear emotive flows as she takes you on the journey of the track and sends you soaring on the futuristic waves.

Robbie Vonn with the vocal help of Juliet Lyons fills you with emotion through the cinematic and deeply touching tracks of Hopeless Memories. Each track is beautiful as they flow through you with melancholic reflections and hauntingly clear vocals. By the end of the EP, you are sure to fall in love with Vonn’s music and will be eagerly awaiting more.

Find out more about Robbie Vonn on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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