Tina Loeffler – The Greatest Gift (2021)

There is something magical about the holiday season, but that feeling you get on Christmas Eve is one that can’t be replicated. Well, Tina Loeffler defies the odds by capturing the special essence of this time and turning it into the warm feelings of her single ‘The Greatest Gift’. Through her folk sound, she packs the knowledge that you will spend the next day with loved ones and all the blissful happiness that comes with it into four minutes.

Inspired by the tones of folk greatest including Joni Mitchell, Loeffler crafts each track from the ground up in her home studio next to the woods. Whether the song starts as a poem or a fleeting thought, she moulds and crafts it into something universally touching. With this single, she not only weaves in the emotions of the holiday season but the remembrance of how important these moments are.

The light piano line that opens ‘The Greatest Gift’ draws you in with a soothing gentle touch. There is an intimate feeling to the soundscape that is tinged with a fragile delicacy. It feels like the intimate atmosphere could break if you spoke louder than a whisper, but the softness of the music soothes you into knowing that you won’t break this atmosphere. The bell that twinkles enhances the soft feeling of the track while bringing a new texture to the sound. As you listen, you feel the urge to close your eyes and sink back into the music as it embraces you with its warm touch.

It is not only the melody that brings an intimate softness to the single. Loeffler’s vocals are a touching whisper against your senses. The delicate touch is like the feeling of snow drifting down to land on your jacket. As she draws you to sit next to her through her performance, she fills you with the peaceful and happy emotions of the moment she has captured. Through her performance, you can feel the love and affection of family that glows like an ember in your chest. While this is technically a holiday song, there is something about it that transcends this time of year and makes it easy to listen to at any time.

Tina Loeffler pulls you down to sit with her as she covers you in the intimate, delicate and wonderfully peaceful tones of ‘The Greatest Gift’. While the single touches on the emotion of Christmas Eve and the happiness of being with loved ones, there is something that transcends the holiday’s making the song more relatable. The delicate and intimate melody wraps around you while her vocals float down like snow.

Find out more about Tina Loeffler on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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