Gilan – Sign of the End Times (2021)

With the growing tensions in our world from climate change to the rise of fascism, it can be hard to express your emotional reaction to everything. Fortunately, Gilan has the solution with her single ‘Sign of the End Times’. While the track uses her own emotional reaction to everything that has been unfolding, it is relatable as it releases the tension these events have brought.

Through the soundscape, she expresses the hurt and angst many feel while letting the overwhelming emotions drain from your shoulders. While Gilan has been a part of various musical projects since she was 17, her solo work has been more sporadic. The on and off performance of her solo work has led to her DIY production of this single.

‘Sign of the End Times’ pulls you in with a strumming guitar line that has a strange sense of tension in it. The guitar-driven melody has a minimalistic vibe to it with a movement that emphasises the vocals. The stripped-back music has a stark feeling that throws the vocals and lyrics into stark relief. With the single being the vocals and the guitar alone, it creates an earthy and grounded feeling. This enhances the sombre messaging of the music while allowing the emotions you feel to seep out of you and into the ether.

Against the melodic backdrop are Gilan vocals which carefully draw you close. The softness of her delivery at the start of the track has you leaning in while the messaging of the single creeps into your brain. The rise of the melody bolsters the increase in power of her voice as she rails against society. Through her performance, you are able to unleash your feelings regarding the emotional rollercoaster we have all been riding.

Gilan unleashed an emotional response that everyone can relate to in the stripped-back tones of ‘Sign of the End Times’. With a minimalistic guitar-driven melody, she draws you into the soundscape before unleashing your emotions. Her vocals are relatable while the lyrics of the track bring everything we have all been feeling to life.

Find out more about Gilan on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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