Rofi James – Berlin Wall (2021)

Compared to the likes of Imagine Dragons, 30 Seconds To Mars and Walk The Moon, Irish trio Rofi James fuse elements of alternative and pop-rock for all to enjoy. Hailing from the West Coast of Ireland, Galway to be specific, Ronan Flaherty, Jamie Murray and Joseph Flaherty are engaging, enthusiastic and completely unique with their sound. Since releasing their debut single ‘Fool For Your Love’ in 2016, the lads have grown in popularity receiving coverage on Irish Radio and numerous international publications such as Frontstage Magazine, PopFad Music Blog and Chalkpit Records. We take a moment (alright, more than a moment) to listen to and chat about their latest release, ‘Berlin Wall’.

While Rofi James aims to make 2022 their year with the greatly anticipated debut album, they end 2021 on a high note with the single ‘Berlin Wall’. Penned during Ireland’s initial lockdown, the lads show that no pandemic can affect true creativity. In fact, this creativity can result in a sonic manifestation of an individual’s emotions during this uncertain time. I have read various articles on how dealing with Covid-19 lockdowns has contributed to an increase in depression, but it is always hopeful to hear songs that express our frustration instead of keeping everything inside. ‘Berlin Wall’ is an excellent example of the much-needed release from reality and look within our hearts.

“‘Berlin Wall’ is about getting away from it all, longing for a break from the daily routine that one experiences when one is locked up, the familiar surroundings and the daily routine of living in a pandemic to escape in the hope of catching another glimpse of normalcy.” – Rofi James on ‘Berlin Wall’.

Similar to their previous single ‘Sorry’ (read our review here), ‘Berlin Wall’ explores the fragility of the human mind with poetic lyricism and a dynamic melody. The combination of powerful guitars and pounding drums build a breathtakingly moving tune; however, it is the harmonic layering of gruff vocals atop the melody that enhances its intensity. What I find intriguing is how the arrangement leads you to feel like you should be running away or toward something…something better, inspiring and an ultimate state of relief.

Hard-hitting, anthemic, sincere and honest, Rofi James knock it out of the park with their all-encompassing ‘Berlin Wall’. Listening to the track will not only get your heart racing but reach into your soul, bounce about in your brain and leave you tingling from head to toe.

For more from Rofi James check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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