Sunset Collective – Take Me Home (2020)

Unhealthy relationships take many forms from romantic to platonic to between acquaintances. If you are in such a relationship, Sunset Collective is helping you take a stand with their single ‘Take Me Home’. The single encourages listeners to be brave enough to break out of the relationship and leave with their head held high.

After coming together as a band in 2019, the Sunset Collective jumped into the deep end with a debut gig on the O2 Academy Sheffield Main Stage supporting the Joe Carnall Jnr Xmas Show. Since then, they have been gaining fans with their catchy, melodic sound ranging from summer bangers to explosive dancefloor numbers. Shying away from formulaic moody indie tropes, the band continues to amaze with exciting singles.

‘Take Me Home’ hits you with the guitars from the first second. Drawing you in, the melody has a dark edge to it while flowing melodically through you. When the chorus hits, the melody takes a very catchy turn that gets your toes tapping to it. There are a few layers to the melody that come together to form a wonderful line beneath the vocals. The rolling drums and guitar lines are quite addictive and grab your attention.

Over the melody, the vocals continue the smooth melodic flow. There is a poetic flow to the lyrics as they work through an unhealthy relationship. The vocal performance soars on the chorus to provide listeners with the strength to break free and leave the relationship with their heads held high. Combined with the melody, it is a wonderful breath of fresh air looking at a relatable topic.

The official music video is great to watch and offers the subtle messaging of the poetic lyrics. Cutting between the band performing the track and images of a woman, the video simply captures the emotional impact of the song. The red tint to the video comes and goes which adds to the visual capture of the emotions.

Sunset Collective help you take a stand and leave an unhealthy relationship with your head high with ‘Take Me Home’. The single has a catchy melody that offers a dark edge while the vocals are smooth and steep the poetic lyrics in emotion. Accompanying the single is the official music video which visually captures the emotions of the track.

Find out more about Sunset Collective on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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