Hounds Haul – Silver Shoal (2021)

With their high energy sound, Hounds Haul had our hearts racing through ‘Riviera’ and ‘The Roamer’. Now they are adding the feeling of summer festivals to their sound with the pulsing electro tones of ‘Silver Shoal’. Inspired by the feeling when lockdown was lifted in the UK, they fill the soundscape with the warm vibes and vibrant energy of live gigs.

While the single brings the blissful energy of a festival to life, it also mixes up their usual sound. The flair of electronic pulses twirls around the heart-racing rock that the band has filled their previous releases with. While slightly different to their past track, there is still an intense energy and blistering vibe to the track that gets you moving and lost in the music.

‘Silver Shoal’ rolls through you with the drums that lead you to the electronic higher tones. As with all their music, there is an infectious feeling to the music that sweeps through you. You are easily hooked to the sound of the electronic tones that slip and slide over the rock tones of the lower levels. There is a really masterful layering of tones through the verses that burst into an indie rock sound for the chorus. You can’t help but get swept up in the movement and feel your spirit lying out on the chorus.

The infectiousness of the melody bolsters the vocals that ride the undulating music. The vocals enter with a slightly subdued vibe that builds as they head toward the chorus. This building is like the mounting energy and pleasure that comes from letting loose at a summer festival. You are easily filled with the vibrant energy of summer through the single. As the vocals call out on the chorus, you can imagine jumping around in a crowd at a live gig. The energy of the single is irresistible and you really never want it to end which results in you listening to this song again and again.

Hounds Haul sweeps through you with a combination of electronic and indie rock tones to fill you with summer festival fever in ‘Silver Shoal’. The melody is perfectly layered to bring the warmth and energy of summer. The vocals ride the movement of the melody to pull you into the irresistible soundscape.

Find out more about Hounds Haul on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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