Rosaleen – Isolate (2020)

A lot of people view the world through a heartbreaking and gloomy lens, even more so with the pandemic. Rosaleen is here to offer a glimmer of light and a warm embrace while letting you know that you are not alone with her single ‘Isolate’. Written about toxic and less than sincere friendships, the single works through seemingly endless darkness to the light at the end of the tunnel.

With a kaleidoscope of influences and sounds, Rosaleen blends them all for a colourful palette of music. A classically trained pianist, she writes and produces music and is an ASCAP registered songwriter. Bypassing a need for approval, she has you accepting who you are and finding the strength you need to pull through even the hardest of times.

‘Isolate’ has an incredibly interesting fusion soundscape that brings light echoing guitars to some really smooth beats. You get a touch of blues in the sliding flows of the music only to rest on a cloud of RnB sensibilities. This is all swirling around a colourful bubble of alternative pop that fills you with some wonderfully light vibes. The lighter tones of the music have an airy feeling to them that makes you think of early summer days and soft sunlight. The lower levels have a slightly dragging feeling that highlights the negative emotions brought out by the lyrics.

Rosaleen’s vocals continue the blending of the melody through her performance. The spoken opening sentence draws you in with a companionable air that turns into a more melodic flow. Her voice has a touch of blues to it that picks up some pop as the song continues. As her voice swirls around you, she draws you into the feeling of betrayal by friends and a feeling of isolation. While this washes you with negativity, her performance starts to build up your strength and has you turning inward to find the ability to move on.

The perfectly blended soundscape of ‘Isolate’ leads you to Rosaleen’s voice which touches on negativity only to help you find the strength to pull through. Using fusion tones to create an airy soundscape, she tempers the lightness of summer with the darkness of betrayal and isolation. Through this, she pulls you forward with an infusion of strength and hope that helps you get through the dark days.

Find out more about Rosaleen on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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