Rosie Alexandra – Rosie Alexandra (2022)

With her debut self-titled EP, Rosie Alexandra is reaching out to listeners with a soulful folky hand of understanding. Through the tracks of Rosie Alexandra, she delves into negative feelings, the building of strength and moving on to better things in the future. Each track touches on a new experience that she has personally been through or learnt through supporting others creating a powerful collection of emotions, learning moments and hope for the future.

With a grounding in soul and gospel music, she wraps her powerful vocals around pop-soul sounds. Sentimental ballads reach out to raw lyrics that detail emotionally vulnerable moments that let us all know that we are not alone in how we feel or what we go through. Her music is packed with her loving heart and passion for what she does while sending fragments of a greater journey out into the world.

The EP opens with ‘Lullaby’ which reaches out to anyone who has endured more than they should have to. The melody brings a folky feeling to the soundscape as it rolls through your soul. Alexandra’s vocals are a lush layer that rests over the melody bringing a soulful swing. There is a companionable feeling to her performance as she reaches through the music to take your hand and let you know that you are not alone in what you feel. While acknowledging the negative emotions that roil within us all, she soothes them and leads you to hope for something better in the future.

‘Ramble’ has a slightly more sombre opening that twangs into a bouncing and swinging movement. The deep beats have your head bopping to their movement and your toes tapping while the guitar twangs above your head. Alexandra’s vocals have a funkier vibe that matches the more upbeat music. While there is an upbeat vibe to the music, the lyrics tell a different story as they look at a relationship that is not as good as it should be. Through her performance, she unleashes all the frustrations she has and covers everything you might have wished to say if you have been in the same situation. There is a rather cathartic vibe to the track that lifts the pressure from your chest leaving you feeling lighter.

The piano that opens ‘You’ is rich as it grabs your attention. This track is a wonderfully rich ballad as Alexandra’s vocals are buoyed by the movement of the piano. The interplay between the piano and her vocals creates a delightful depth of emotion to the song as she considers needing to move on but still feeling stuck by the affection you have for someone who has treated you badly. There is a powerful contrast of emotion in the track as she touches on the affection you have for someone and the pain of feeling used by that person for their own gain. Her performance is really powerful on this track as she reaches into your chest and tugs at your heartstrings.

‘Cabin’ uses layered guitars to draw your attention with twanging lines calling out over gentle strums. This layering is echoed by the vocal performance which uses two layers that play off each other to create this incredible emotive flow. There is a building journey through this song that starts at the lowest point but struggles uphill with the melody lightening as the single progresses. The piano notes that come in and the roll of the drums fill you with a sense of hope for the future. There is a touch of gospel to this track as Alexandra seems to draw on the strength of a higher power to help her through the struggles she faces. Whether you feel this gospel edge or not, there is no denying that this is an empowering single that slowly builds the strength you need to face any negativity.

The acoustic guitar that opens ‘Nowhere – Acoustic Version’ runs into a soulful and slightly jazzy movement. The run of the guitar is matched by her vocals for a wonderfully warm track that lets you know she will be there for you. The acoustic movement of the music allows her vocals to really shine and bring the emotions of the track to life. As you listen to the track, you feel the urge to sway to the movement while closing your eyes and letting her vocals sweep through you.

The EP comes to an end with ‘Become’ that uses an interesting melodic movement to draw you in. The tapping beats gain a jangling shuffle while the guitars pluck against your ears. There is an intimate yet expansive feeling to the music that is stark in its sobriety. There is a raw emotion to her vocals as she brings dark thoughts and emotions to light while unleashing the understanding that being with someone who supports her helps chase these emotions away. The track has a dynamic movement that perfectly captures the journey of the lyrics of wanting to run away but being nervous about doing this.

Rosie Alexandra takes listeners on an emotive journey through the tracks of her debut EP Rosie Alexandra as she builds your strength and ability to find closure. Each track has a different sound showcasing her versatility while diving into deep emotions. By the end of the EP, you have the sense that you are not alone in what you feel and that there are people to support you when you need them.

Find out more about Rosie Alexandra on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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