Rae Kelly – Ignorant As Icarus (2020)

Rae Kelly uses an array of live instruments to capture feelings of anxiety, loneliness and isolation in her single ‘Ignorant as Icarus’. Inspired by her own morose feelings at the time of writing, it combines folk with philosophy for a flowing odyssey into emotions. Using an unconventional structure, the single swings through the turbulence of emotions.

Written as she was going through an emotional rough patch, Kelly fuses her emotions with a love for Greek mythology. The single flowed out of her as she explored the depths of despair only to find hope at the end. Anyone feeling dark emotions creeping up on them will get a glimpse of light through this single.

The opening piano line of ‘Ignorant as Icarus’ sends you gliding over waves of music. The flowing piano acts as light air currents catching under wings and sending you through the air. The swell of strings bolsters the buffeting flow of the music. While the piano drives the melody, it is the other instrumentation that comes in that creates the emotions of the music. The piano acts as a steady force gliding through you while the other instruments are the patter of emotions that come and go throughout life.

The journey into the emotions brought forth by the music is skilfully handled by Kelly’s vocals. Her performance has a cinematic flow that soars through you. Her vocals have an earthy feeling to them that combines with the atmospheric music for a scintillating push and pull. Through her performance, vivid life is brought to the emotions of the music while a light glimmer of hope rests on the horizon.

Rae Kelly creates a sonic interpretation of anxiety, loneliness and isolation with a glimmer of hope with her single ‘Ignorant as Icarus’. Her earthy vocals combine with the soaring music to create a gliding sensation as you fly through the exploration of emotions.

Find out more about Rae Kelly on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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