Rujen – Tarot (2020)

If you are looking for a song that keeps you on your toes, ‘Tarot’ by Rujen just might be what you are waiting for. Using waves of sound, you are swept through memories and nostalgia as you are hit with changings melodies. The tidal wave of the song has you tumbling toward the end before you know what has really hit you.

Blending indie and psych-rock, Rujen is bringing an original mix of sound to your ears. Through the twists and turns of their music, you are shown just what this Atlanta-based band has to offer. The dazzling and energetic soundscape they create has been gaining them fans since their debut EP in 2019.

The progressive opening of ‘Tarot’ draws you into the soundscape. There is an easy feeling to the melody as it ripples against your senses. The guitar has this wonderful vibe that you can’t help but get into. The melody does crash at moments like waves against a cliff. The twinkling notes bubble up from the depths of the melody while the lower levels are in a constant state of flux. The smooth transitions within the melody are perfectly executed and create this flowing sound. It is a ridiculously engaging melody that keeps you hooked to the song even when it takes a complete turn to a soft and dreamy sound.

While the melody is constantly moving, the vocals have a solidity and anchor you in the waves of music. There are these sighing vocals that filter through the melody to create an early thread of that dreamy sound that comes later in the melody. The vocals are very engaging and you are drawn into the lyrics through the performance.

Rujen keeps you on your toes with the waves of sound that make up their single ‘Tarot’. At times the melody is like crashing waves against a cliff only to turn into a dreamscape before returning to gentle lapping. The vocals offer an anchor to ground you, but also set you adrift on the sea of sound.

Find out more about Rujen on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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