Natalie Duque – Stay (2020)

The unexpected loss of someone is often hard to overcome and you might feel like others don’t understand what you are going through. The heartfelt single ‘Stay’ by Natalie Duque lets you know that others understand and are able to connect with what you are feeling. The single also touches on the importance of savouring every moment you have with people because life can be fleeting.

This vulnerable and confessional song is imbued with the sounds of Adele and Katy Perry with a pinch of Brandi Carlile thrown in. All of this is added to the foundation of the track that is purely Duque. The piano-driven ballad fills you with emotion and showcases the authentic sound she has to offer.

‘Stay’ opens strong with some powerful piano notes. While the melody is piano-drive, those first notes really capture your attention. They also set the sombre tone of the track. There is a heavy thread of sadness within the melody that matches the emotions of the vocals and messaging of the song. While a piano melody might seem simple, there is an intricacy to the flow that wonderfully highlights the mixture of emotions you feel when you lose someone unexpectedly.

While the melody builds the sombre tone of the track, it is Duque’s vocals that really fill you with emotions. She infuses feelings of sadness and longing for what can’t be into each word. However, through the sadness and loss within there is the idea that you need to make the most of now because you have no idea what tomorrow brings.

Natalie Duque uses the beautifully sad ‘Stay’ to remind you to make the most of now because you never know what tomorrow brings. The piano-driven ballad is so powerful and is a raw emotional hit from start to finish.

Find out more about Natalie Duque on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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