Ryders Blü – As Long As I’ve Got You Babe (2022)

Since meeting at a gig almost one decade ago, PJ O’Neill (guitars and vocals) and Jake Carrick (drums) came together to venture into the world of music. It was after touring as part of the Dave Maher’s band that the lads discovered making music is truly what they want to do with their lives; hence, Ryders Blü was formed. Reminiscent of Lany, The 1975, Dayglow and Jacob Sigman, O’Neill and Carrick weave a tapestry of catchy indie-pop tunes. The latest addition to their repertoire is the single ‘As Long As I’ve Got You Babe’.

Following their mellow single ‘I Never Know I Needed This’, Ryders Blü adopts an almost 80s pop sound with their upbeat track ‘As Long As I’ve Got You Babe’. Smooth and steady, the duo set you adrift on a sonic river wrapped in a comfortable gossamer blanket of chilled out vibes. While there is a simple pop design to the track, the textured and layered tones add a harmonic element to the kaleidoscopic ambience. Moving and quite addictive, the cheerful indie-pop sounds slide into your ear, lick your brain and lift your soul.

Yes, the melody is certainly noteworthy with its laid-back and infectious tones, but we cannot forget the power of PJ O’Neill’s vocals. Mellow and rich, he effortlessly adds warmth to ‘As Long As I’ve Got You Babe’. Using their music as a form of escapism, Ryders Blü removes the harshness of reality and touch their listeners with their bubbly, hypnotic songs. O’ Neill shares that “…we’re writing really happy pop music to escape. To escape the…mundanity of what life can be like.” – something we all need in these dreary times.

So, what do I really think of ‘As Long As I’ve Got You Babe’? Insatiable, infectious and a way of making it through the dull days, Ryders Blü have made my day that much better. I cannot wait to see what else they have for us!

For more from Ryders Blü check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.  

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