Jacqueline Loor – Deshacer (Coming Undone) (2020)

There are many people who stay in a toxic relationship even as they are falling apart inside. In her new single ‘Deshacer (Coming Undone)’, Jacqueline Loor looks at these situations and tries to empower those in these relationships to get out of them. She addresses how they are coming undone inside while showing the world that everything is fine. Through her music, she hopes to help those on the brink find the strength to move on.

This empowerment comes in the form of her heartfelt and authentic sound. The single is her first release in Spanish, but the honesty and power of the message transcend any potential language barriers. There is an English version of the single available if you want to get into the nitty-gritty of the actual lyrics.

The gentle piano line of ‘Deshacer (Coming Undone)’ grabs your attention. The piano continues to draw you into the song and acts as this light layer over the deep crashing beats. There is a lot of depth to the melody as it gently swells below Loor’s vocals. The arrangement has subtle changes in instrumentation that creates a swirling melody which mimics the emotions of the single. You can feel the pain in the strings while the crashing of the beats act as turbulent emotions.

Over all of this is Loor’s dulcet tones. If you don’t understand Spanish, you will still be able to gather the essence of her performance and the emotions behind it. She is unbelievably emotive throughout the single and you can hear her push for strength and empowerment. The build-up to the crescendo of the song is amazing and will sweep you away.

Jacqueline Loor helps you find the strength to move on from a toxic relationship in her Spanish single ‘Deshacer (Coming Undone)’. The build-up of emotions in both the melody and her performance helps the song transcend any language barriers. Each note is full of emotion and her vocals sweep you away on a wave of strength.

Find out more about Jacqueline Loor on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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