Presley Duyck – Cold Together (2022)

Presley Duyck dove into a sea of uneasy emotions with ‘Happy 22!’. With her single ‘Cold Together’, she brings a more uplifting feeling as she reminds us that we don’t have to fight the battles in our lives alone. Inspired by a friend who was fighting against addiction, the track lets you know that while you may be struggling, there are people who are willing to support you.

While the single was inspired by a fight against addiction, there is something much greater to the message in the lyrics. As we all struggle against something in our lives, the universality of these battles makes this track endlessly relatable. Part of the proceeds of this single will be donated to an organisation that Duyck has believed in for many years.

‘Cold Together’ has a light feeling from the first moment, with a tone that mimics the sun breaking through cloudy skies. The melody lifts the troubles and struggles from your shoulders through its bright and uplifting movement. The piano line glitters with light, while the beats have you gently swaying. There is a moment when the melody drops completely, before rising again with its calming sweep. The arrangement catches you in the current of the music and draws you down the river of sound that makes you feel light and happy. There is no way that you can listen to this melody and not feel your troubles lift from your soul.

As the music sweeps you into some uplifting vibes, Duyck’s vocals dive into some really relatable lyrics. She lays out her emotions through the opening verse, while reaching out a supporting hand to help those who are struggling. Woven into the emotions of the track, she connects with the negative feelings people have, before sweeping you into the knowledge that you are not alone. The chorus is packed with these feelings of togetherness as she lets you know that she is here for you, regardless of what you are going through. Every word builds on the understanding that support is out there, while helping the melody lift the pressures and struggles of the world from your shoulders.

Presley Duyck offers a helping hand and lets you know that you are not alone in what you feel, through the sounds of ‘Cold Together’. The melody glitters with light and catches you in the current of the movement. Duyck’s vocals reach out a helping hand and offer the support you need to get through tough times.

Find out more about Presley Duyck on her website, Instagram and Spotify.

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