Salsola – Deconstruction (2020)

Described as an “irresistible slice of classic indie rock” by Narc Magazine, the female-fronted indie-rock band is impressive from the outset.  Hailing from the Northeast of England, Salsola has been sharing their music with the masses since 2017.  ‘Deconstruction’ is the latest offering from this captivating band.

Slightly speedier than their previous releases, ‘Deconstruction’ has a more rock feel to it.  This does not mean they have left their innovative writing behind but, if it is possible, have become even more inventive.  Combining indie, blues, funk and rock and roll, Salsola can appeal to fans of different genres.  While very reminiscent to the stylings of The Cure and The Psychedelic Furs, it is the vocals of frontwoman Vicky Wright that stand out (at least, for me).  Bearing a striking similarity to Amanda Palmer, I find the vocals somewhat boisterous and beautifully throaty.  Palmer has a very distinguished sound that imprints itself on your soul and Wright is definitely following in her footsteps. 

Of course, Vicky Wright is not the only element in this unique band.  Peter Wright’s skilled guitar works well with Kev Kaye’s bass and Luke Murray’s drumming.  Each instrument has a distinct presence but meld together to form a toe-tapping sound.  Take this and add it to Vicky’s gritty vocals, you have a single set for stardom.

‘Deconstruction’ is available on Spotify.  You can learn more about Salsola on Facebook.

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